Daniel Scrivner has designed award-winning products and led some of the most innovative design teams in the world at Apple, Square, Empower, Digit, and Tiny.




Design means many things to many people. To me, design is Phase Zero of building. It's understanding the problem(s) you're solving with depth and clarity. It's using that knowledge to create an incredible product that can wow. It's the act of creating something so simple, intuitive, and powerful that it feels like you've attained a new superpower. And it's about setting incredibly high standards for the care and craftsmanship you put into every detail.

Management & Leadership

My approach to management starts with me and ripples out to the team. It's about leading myself well first, so that I'm an incredible teammate and set an example for the team. It's about leading by working alongside the team—helping them think through, create, and polish their own thinking. And it's about working in service of the team to unblock them, eliminate distractions, and creating the right conditions to the best work of our lives.

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